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About Me

Born and raised in Norwalk, CT.  I went to college in VT and CT.  I own Ross Runners Driving Service and run the CT Backgammon Club.  I am responsible for 4 of the 18 or so National BG tournaments on the U.S. circuit.  And I am one of "the 3 Gammigos" at  GammonGuys.com - an import company for affordable luxury BG equipment.

Divorced in 2014, no kids, living a great life down by the water in Milford, CT.

My Skillset


Driver by profession.  Event organizer by spirit.  Energetically aware and socially groomed.  I'm good at marketing, good with my hands and in tune with the universe and our place in it.

Understanding people and Understanding  God...

What it really is... and what it isn't.

My Passions


Not in any articular order...

Cooking, Backgammon, Skiing, Biking

Making a fire, sharing love and joy with friends, family and the people around me.  A good movie, the arts, being creative, the sun on my face and a warm sweet loving woman to cherish.

Getting off the grid and being 100% self sufficient. Finding that primordial vibrational field that connects everything to itself and each other.  Raising awareness about the worlds crisis in consciousness and learning how to access the Logos/Akasha and experience life through that powerful center of creation.

... And share it with you.

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Ross D Gordon

(203) 521-7866